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Zhan Zhuang

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Because we’re always adjusting ourselves in Aikido, (and hopefully not the other guy), every moment in our interaction with uke, is  ’listening’ to the movement, and adjusting ourselves to fit. What better way to learn this, than by learning to be still.

Ive been practicing standing still for years, though not as often as a I should. The exercise develops an extremely strong and stable core for your body, and especially for your study of the martial arts.

Its an exercise that you’ll need to give a chance to work, but one that I totally recommend. Watch through some of the following videos, and although it seems a little ‘new age’ and weird, please give it a chance.

Click the following link  for Master Lam Kam Cheun and his introduction to Zhan Zhuang.  Stand Still be Fit